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Insulation is truly one of the only phases of your home construction that will actually pay for itself. The realization of substantially lower heating and cooling costs proves insulation upgrades outperform their initial investment in as few as two years. Energy-saving options available include the stabilized cellulose wall-spray system or R-15 High Density fiberglass batts in 2”x4” exterior walls instead of R-13 fiberglass batts which are the code-required minimum.

The stabilized cellulose wall-spray system involves “shooting” insulation between framing members and “stud scrubbing” the product to provide a smooth face, entirely filling the cavity. No other system can achieve a completely uniform R-15 value throughout the wall. Areas around wall receptacles, plumbing and wiring, where traditional fiberglass batts are “tucked” (which substantially diminishes their effectiveness, become a non-issue with the stabilized cellulose wall-spray system. Combined with a po9liseal foam package addressing air leakage at cracks and voids around doors, windows and top plate wiring holes, studies show a whopping 38 percent reduction in air infiltration over standard fiberglass batts with no foam package.

Another way to maximize savings is by increasing attic insulation from standard R-30 (minimum per code) to an R-40 or R-45. This is an extremely important area to consider for reducing energy costs and lowering utility bills. If your attic insulation is below 10 inches in depth, your are most likely in need of more insulation and will benefit by adding to it.

Sound insulation packages in bathrooms, laundry and master-bedroom walls and floor/ceiling assemblies are a very inexpensive way to reduce sound transmission and improve the quality of life in your new home.

Thermal Concepts, Inc. began doing business in 1988 determined to provide the highest quality workmanship and to deliver the most innovative energy-efficient products, with the most customer-friendly one-on-one service possible. Our motto has always been “Call us today, we’ll be there tomorrow” – and we strive to achieve this promise daily.

When you realize that you will be paying utility bills for the rest of your life, can you really afford NOT to upgrade your insulation?

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