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Thermal Concepts, Inc. was founded in 1988 by Scott Masterson to provide superior and timely insulation service to St. Louis area home builders at extremely competitive prices. The company’s success in achieving this goal has resulted in rapid growth year after year, and Thermal Concepts is now one of the largest insulation companies in the greater St. Louis metropolitan area
The company owns its own 20,000-square-foot office/warehouse building at 1665 Lotsie Blvd. in Overland, Missouri – which is a perfect central location for serving customers in all the outlying Missouri counties surrounding St. Louis as well as the Metro East counties in Illinois.
Nine loading docks in the rear of the building allow for timely receiving and loading of products on a daily basis. Thermal Concepts’ fleet of 50 trucks assures that customers receive the speedy service it promises. The company currently has over 60 employees and is a union member of the Carpenters District Council.

And Thermal Concepts is not just insulation anymore. In 2001, we expanded our operations to provide additional products and services for builders, including ventilated wire shelving, laminate shelving, mirrors, shower enclosures, bathroom accessories and fireplaces.  Our goal is to offer builders a convenient “one-stop shopping” source for a wide variety of their home-building needs. Our installers for these new lines are separate dedicated teams hired specifically for their experience and skill in these new product areas. So don’t think of Thermal Concepts just for insulation…because now, Thermal Concepts is insulation and MORE!

Thermal Concepts is a member of the Home Builders Association and Better Business Bureau. Our professional partners include: Berger, Cohen, & Brandt, Attorneys At Law; and Rubin Brown & Co. CPA.

We look forward to serving you!

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