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This Signature Pivot Door System is everything wanted in a heavy glass shower system.  Free of notches, complicated screws, springs, ball bearings and rods that make heavy glass doors both complicated and difficult to install, the Signature Pivot provides a unique, self-centering operation.  The Signature Pivot door simplifies every aspect of heavy glass doors--

The Signature Pivot Door hardware is a simple clamp-on device with a unique base plate.  It utilizes the weight and turning motion of the door to self center itself in the standard closed position.  No notches are needed in the glass, reducing both the cost and required lead time of glass fabrication.  The simplicity of the hardware itself allows for considerable savings over more complex heavy glass pivot hardware currently available in the marketplace.

The Signature Pivot Doors' simple clamp-on hardware also makes it easier to install and allows for quick horizontal adjustment.  The versatile hardware can be installed as a wall mount, from floor-to-ceiling or in a standard header configuration and works either as a standalone door or in a custom combination with a variety of fixed panels.  This hardware comes in silver, gold and brushed nickel.

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